Best of Summer '19

Well… it’s October now, so I probably can’t delude myself much longer.

This summer has been a fantastic one, with many trips to spectacular places, both familiar and new. As my first spring in the PNW since High School, I was lucky to get out on several longer ski tours in the early summer, including ascents of Glacier Peak, as well as Eldorado Peak and Primus Peak. While much of my energy was focused on Bulger Peaks, I was also luck to get out of Washington for travel to Norway, the Tetons, and the Adirondacks. I also really dove into photographing landscapes on film, devoting especially much time to shooting with my big 4x5 view camera, which I’m finally starting to feel like I’m getting the hang of. This slow, delibrate style of photography is immensely gratifying, and I’m planning on writing another blog post focusing just on 4x5 soon - keep posted.

Before we get to the photos, per tradition, here are some statistics about my summer:

  • 64 days in the mountains

  • 28 nights camping

  • 403 miles hiked

  • 170,030 vertical feet climbed

  • 41 summits summited

And here are some of my favorite photos, shot on both film and digital.